Ben U.
If you're looking for a solid, dapper haircut in the Pasadena area, please check out Our Thing Barbershop. Full disclosure, Gaspar has been cutting my hair for the better part of the last year. When I heard he was starting his own shop, I had to come check it out! The shop is located within Salon Republic at the Paseo Colorado. You can park in the structure and get your parking validated for up to 90 minutes for free. Gaspar has put in a lot of work into giving the shop a mafia/mob style aesthetic. The brick wall, bullet holes, pictures of the mob and vintage style barber chair is such an awesome touch! He's really doing his best to bring back the feel of an old-school barbershop. As far as the haircut goes, don't go in expecting a quick cut. You can really see Gaspar's attention to detail when I ask for a comb-over fade. He's personable and easy to chat with, so I don't feel like I'm just there for a haircut. One of my favorite things about getting a cut here is the hair-wash. Not only is it super relaxing, but it means I don't have to go and cleanup the little hairs. Gaspar also does beard and mustache trims, as well as a straight razor shave. 10/10 would recommend Gaspar to anyone looking for an affordable, quality cut.
Dan M.
Gaspar has been my barber for the past 3 years. He practices extreme precision and dedicates a good amount of time making sure he delivers quality work, hence why I have been a continuing and loyal customer. The environment is welcoming and has great decor; if you know Peaky Blinders, then its like stepping back in time. From start to finish its a pleasant experience, with sharp skills that deliver. I definitely recommend Gaspar if you're looking to get quality work, all while hanging in the 1920's for a bit. You'll leave feeling confident and refreshed every time, as a man should.
Baby W.
My guy Gaspar Always gets me looking clean and fresh. My go to for haircuts and beard trims